On the yoga mat (Peotry)

This morning after finishing my daily yoga asana practice, I saw a book my wife left close to yoga mat. The name of the book was “ Writing Down the Bones-Freeing the writer within” by Natalie Goldberg. The writer suggests in the book to pick up one word or two word and started to write something contemplating on the word(s) whatever you write does not matter, if you did write, it would be very opening, healing and joyful act. Something like this she says.

Since I was on the yoga mat, flowing her suggestion I pick up the words  “On the yoga Mat” and started to write that became kind of poetry. Here you go….


On the yoga mat

On the yoga mat, sometime I bend my knee , sometime I bend my arms

Sometime twisting my torso to the left

 Sometime opening my torso to the right

Tilting my butt up and the down, right and the left

 Facing downward and facing upward

On the yoga mat

I become weird and I become free

Sometime lying on my belly, sometime lying on my back

Sometime standing on my head, sometime standing on my feet,

Not only warrior No. 1, but warrior No. 2, 3 and even 4

On the yoga mat

 I become flexible and I become strong

Thinking of not thinking, dreaming of not dreaming,

 just breathing deep and full

Opening my heart, and opening head

 Opening my gut and opening my legs,

On the yoga mat

I become humble and I become brave

On the yoga mat sometime I become a pigeon, sometime a scorpion

Sometime I become a cobra, sometime a fish

Sometime I become a dog, sometime a god

Fully alive and aware,

On the yoga mat, I become everything

and finally

Lying like a dead body

On the yoga mat

I become nothing.



Bless me oh! Tree yes! Bless me
in those days
many many years ago—in history
you became Buddha or
Buddha was you
Through his heart I learned to live
Living in silence eternity
watching its beauty…. these yellow flowers
the green grasses, red rocks

and black and white and….. infinite

creatures…in compassion and peace
just watching …
how wind blows in equanimity
all existence around me now dancing.
Oh! Tree!
Yes! teach me mystery of your journey
Tree! You are for me

a friend and teacher
and a counselor and a leader
I love your balance
and middle path and patience
High and high up on sky you aim to go
without forgetting your home the mother earth bellow
sitting under your shadow
it’s all I want now
fruit of love and joy
everybody is fed today

with you everything is blessed
yes! Bless me too, oh! Tree!
with everything today here and now
I want to live and I want to finish.