Recipes of the week-Mango Chutney

What is Chutney?

It is Indian word for pasty sauce, used like pickle. Chutney is great way to make your dish tastier. They are mostly wet, sometime can be dry with coarse to fine texture. Traditionally people used to make chutney grounding with mortar and pestle, now we can use blender. If you are using blender the texture will be different so is taste. You can try both way using blender as well as mortar and pestle. Generally Chutney is categorized as Hot and Sweet but there can be many kinds of chutney, no limit as it can be made from any vegetables/fruits/herbs/spices. Once you are into chutney you will be creating new chutney, with new taste all the time.

Here is one my favorite chutney. First try it following the recipes as it is and then experiment replacing different fruits, herb and spices. Let me know what you came up with. I hope you will enjoy it. You also convert it into dressing.

Mango Chutney


ATTENTION : End of every month these recipes will be removed. so please hurry up-:)


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